The Story So Far…

Hello! I’ve started a blog. The main reason for this, of course, is that I’m a millennial and this is just what we do. We drink hoppy IPAs and attend 90s dance parties and write blogs.

And bird-sit for siblings.

But I’m also particularly motivated to do this now because I find myself in the strange position of not having anything better to do. I’ve just quit academia after 7 years as a PhD student. I’m 31 with no career and a whole bunch of hobbies. I’m leaving Toronto in October, and am going to travel around Europe for a couple of months while my husband does a postdoc in Prague. Then we’re moving to Calgary so that he can do another postdoc and I can embrace my unironic love of plaid shirts. My plans for this period mostly involve the nearby Rocky Mountains and my brand new hiking boots, and I guess looking for a job. Anyway, I might as well document these experiences, is what I’m getting at.

You’ll notice that there’s a ‘Humour’ section here, too. This is because I’ve been taking comedy writing classes and I wanted a place to stash my favourite sketches. Currently there are two sketches in there, one of which desperately needs a rewrite, so that’s great. But after 13 years of writing almost exclusively in academic settings, I’m finally trying the sort of writing I dreamt about all through my 20s. I’m excited.

I’m excited for everything I just told you about, in fact, for all that it’s terrifying and sad and stressful. And really fucking hard on the bank account. Let’s see what happens.


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